The Doggy Style Project

The Doggy Style project is the final chapter in BRAVO TOGAs ”Slut-shaming trilogy”. The piece dissects our depiction of ”the slut” through written and choreographed movement between sexual objectification and subjectification and maybe a third perspective. With this performance piece BRAVO TOGA also wishes to embrace ”the doggy style's” ambiguous symbolism between erotic tension, humiliating crawling and practical investigation.

Treat yourself with this blast of empowerment in an unsexy medieval atmospehere with a little bit of self-reflection. Please join us when we dig our deepest into the landscape of food-crushing, doggy-styling as inverted cat-calling, subjective and the objective gazes and the blood splattered herstory of sexual scapegoating.


  • 2018
  •     Potato Potato, Malmö
  •      tuesday, 21 aug at 19:00 (premiere)
  •     wednesday, 22 aug at 19:00
  •     thursday, 23 aug at 19:00

  •     Warehouse9, Copenhagen
  •     saturday, 25 aug at 14:00 & 20:00

  •     Teater Tribunalen, Stockholm 
  •     wednesday, 29 aug at 19:00
  •     thursday, 30 aug at 19:00

  •     Teater Viirus
, Helsinki
  •     wednesday, 5 sept at 19:00
  •     thursday, 6 sept at 14:00 & 19:00
  •     friday, 7 sept at 17:00 (lecture & workshop)
  •     saturday, 8 sept at 12:00-15:00 (workshop) 

  •     GBG Mime Fest, Gothenburg 
  •     sunday, 4 nov at 16:00


“Självdistans och svärta i hyllning av slampan” - review Nytid

“Komiskt och groteskt om omvärldens blick på slampan” - review Helsingfors tidningen

“En hyllning till slampan“  - ETC article


Concept, instruction, choreography & producing: BRAVO TOGA
On stage: Anna Kuusamo, Lena Bruun Bondeson & Sara Ribbenstedt
Sound design: Bernt Karsten Sannerud
Technician & participating on stage (Nordic Tour 2018): Amanda Lebert
Set design & costume: Linn Henriksson Stååt
Light design: Heiða Kristín Ragnarsdóttir
Playwright: Olivia Schrøder
Makeup: Moa Hedberg
Producent PR: Alexandra Olsson
Production support: Sara Bergsmark
Creative consultation: Linda Forsell
Video editing: Anna Kuusamo
Graphic design poster: Lena Bruun Bondeson & Simon Ahlgren
Poster photo: Jonas Jörneberg
Press photos: Chrisander Brun


Kulturrådet - Swedish Arts Council
Konstnärsnämnden - The Swedish Arts Grants Committee
Stockholm Stad - City of Stockholm
Nordisk kulturkontakt - Nordic Culture Point
Kone Stiftelse - Kone Foundation

This is the final piece in our slut-shaming triology, earlier works includes:
The Slut Project (2017)
The Monica Project (2016)

BRAVO TOGA is a nordic performing arts collective consisting of Anna Kuusamo from Finland, Lena Bondeson from Denmark and Sara Ribbenstedt from Sweden. The group has been active since 2016 and creates contemporary performances in the conceptual, experimental, practice-based and interdisciplinary field between dance and theater. BRAVO TOGA works collectively, in collaborations with other artists, in co-production with stages and as members of the performance productions cooperative Interim Kultur and KOMMA Performance Productions. BRAVO TOGA was established during Lena and Sara’s BA in (Physical) Acting from Stockholm University of the Arts 2012-2015 where Anna did an exchange from the MA program in Acting from Tampere University (NÄTY) in Finland (2009-2014). Lena also did a MFA in Performing Arts (Directing) from The Danish National School of Performing Arts (2019-2022).