THE SLUT PROJECT + witch dancing

The Slut Project is the second part of BRAVO TOGAs artistic research and slut-shaming triology.

THE SLUT PROJECT research became both a work-in-progress performance at the residency-program HAUT EKSIL in Copenhagen and the workshop and practice WITCH-DANCING.

“Witch-dancing” is a practice created during the research for The Slut Project as a movement research.  Our thoughts upon witch-dancing were published in the publication ENTROPA’s issue “grænser” and practiced at their releasparty.

Moving or dancing in total darkness by yourself in a space shared with your fellow participants, this practice explores moving without any external gazes. Dancing without taking responsibility for ones movements and exploring a state of boundlessness and trance.
Bravo Toga invites every participant to freely and with all ones preconceptions, deisres, imagination -  and even biases - relate and connect to ones inner witch and witchcraft. To us witchcraft are sacred, feminine knowledge - from time to time - highly misunderstood and mistreated as something else. Feel free to acknowledge you own personal witch-persona and dance like your own free witch.


  • 2017 
  •     HAUT EKSIL, København
  •     august 2017 at Teater Sort/Hvid 

  •     Entropa releasefest, København
  •     16 september at Den Sorte Firkant

  •     Potato Potato, Malmö
  •     10 days residency in may

  •     Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen, Tyskland
  •     14 days winter residency in january

      Horluvan är röd. Horluvan vill säga dig nånting. Horluvan på en random marknadsplats under medeltiden gallskriker
      “HÄR HAR VI EN HORA”. Den skriker lika högt som en våldtäkt i festivalhavet, som ett övergrepp på nätet, som horstämpeln i grundskolan.


      Concept, instruction, choreography, costume design, scenography: BRAVO TOGA
      On stage: Anna Kuusamo, Lena Bruun Bondeson & Sara Ribbenstedt
      Sound design & participating on stage: Bernt Karsten Sannerud
      Creative consultation: Linda Forsell, Potato Potato 

      BRAVO TOGA is a nordic performing arts collective consisting of Anna Kuusamo from Finland, Lena Bondeson from Denmark and Sara Ribbenstedt from Sweden. The group has been active since 2016 and creates contemporary performances in the conceptual, experimental, practice-based and interdisciplinary field between dance and theater. BRAVO TOGA works collectively, in collaborations with other artists, in co-production with stages and as members of the performance productions cooperative Interim Kultur and KOMMA Performance Productions. BRAVO TOGA was established during Lena and Sara’s BA in (Physical) Acting from Stockholm University of the Arts 2012-2015 where Anna did an exchange from the MA program in Acting from Tampere University (NÄTY) in Finland (2009-2014). Lena also did a MFA in Performing Arts (Directing) from The Danish National School of Performing Arts (2019-2022).