Poster for Don't Fear Change

Don't Fear Change

Human beings entertain themselves with nonsense and death.
There is no planet B, but what if planet “A” stands for “animal”, and what if the grass literally tastes better on the other side?

Circling around the notion that the apocalypse is a boring dystopia - no grandiose battlefield but just a little less of everything in a slow collapse of biodiversity, capitalism and fun - BRAVO TOGA is creating the performance Don’t Fear Change.

A choreographic and dramatic research about escaping one's domesticated lifestyle and re-connecting with one's inner wildlife. The performance explores the paradox of being a human body with an animal mind of the past and cross-fertilising that with a parallel mockumentary track; a cognitive group therapy from heaven and hell about the unsustainable situation for the collective. In this way BRAVO TOGA wants to take the pulse of the anthropocene human’s state of mind whilst asking our-selves: is this the best version of us?

BRAVO TOGA is a nordic performance group deeply interested in conceptuality in an interdisciplinary space between dance and theater. Don’t Fear Change is their first piece in a new duology about escapism and posthumanism.

On and off stage:
BRAVO TOGA: Anna Kuusamo, Sara Ribbenstedt and Lena Bondeson
Sounddesign: Bernt Karsten Sannerud
Make-up design: Moa Hedberg
Graphic design: Aske Loewe (poster)

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Produced through Interim Kultur with support from Swedish Arts Council, Nordic Culture Point, The Nordic Culture Fund, Region Stockholm and The Finnish-Danish Cultural Foundation. Produced through residencies at Estrad Norr (Östersund), Åbne Scene (Aarhus) and Turteatern (Stockholm) and partly at the Danish National School of Performing Arts (Copenhagen).

Poster for Don't Fear Change