BRAVO TOGA is a nordic performance art group consisting of Anna Kuusamo (FIN), Lena Bondeson (DK) and Sara Ribbenstedt (SE).

+46 73 405 53 70 (Sara)
+45 42 95 42 34 (Lena)
+358 44 2030033 (Anna)

BRAVO TOGA has existed since 2014 creating conceptual performances in an interdisciplinary space between dance and theater. When working we use collective choreographing and instructing as our main working method, both blending and swapping in the creative initiative and leadership during the process. We strive to make tactile, abstractly clever and woke performance art and share a true love for working with “lameness” as an element - meaning that “no-go is a go-go”. Furthermore we believe that the most efficient way to be norm critical is with humor.

In 2020 we are working on the performance Don’t Fear Change, the first piece in a new duology about escapism and posthumanism.

Between 2016-2018 we have created our Slut-shaming trilogy consisting of The Monica Project, The Slut Project and The Doggy Style Project. The trilogy started by investigating the concepts of slut-shaming and cyber-bullying of Monica Lewinsky during a residency at DOCH (SE) summer 2016. Later The Monica Project played at the queer-feministic performance stage PotatoPotato in Malmö (SE).

In 2017 we created the second part The Slut Project, digging deeper into the subject of slut-shaming during also several residencies at Ponderosa (DE), PotatoPotato (SE) and at HAUT EKSIL (DK). The performance played for a full house at HAUT and included an interactive witch-dance practice.

The trilogy ended post #Metoo with The Doggy Style Project that premiered at PotatoPotato (SE) august 2018. The performance has then been played at Warehouse9 in Copenhagen, Teater Tribunalen in Stockholm, Teater Viirus in Helsinki and at GBG Mime Fest in Gothenburg.

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